Friday, March 18, 2011

takeing stock of things

so looking back I realized that I beet my rivals Christian and Wan-He basically every time we fenced. Christian beet me once last year at our meet against Bacon, when for some odd reason I just couldn't seem to land a hit, and Wan-He only beet me the first time that we fenced which was the JV invitational at the start of last season, and over the past two years I have beaten both of them 5 times and 2 of the times I beat Christian were 15 point bouts. I am particularly proud off those wins.

now taking stock of the more practical things. My helmet is rusted and dented and even has a couple broken links, my 2 remaining body cords may or may not work, I have one foil which is now in the hands of "armorer" Ashly and therefor may not even be working when I get it back, the Velcro on my nickers is starting to come off and one of the straps on my under arm protector is a mess from half of the string unraveling.

so the helmet should be replaced (probably by a more durable and inevitably more expensive one) soon. I need at least one more body cord and I think the other two are nearing the end. the under arm protector looks stupid but is still usable, my jacket's fine my glove is good, my fencing shoes now have gel pad's which don't slip so those are great, but the biggest issue is the foils I can't get by with only one of those, my Mom can probably fix the Velcro on my nickers in like 20 seconds with her sowing machine so that should be fine.

now last year I got a BF white and a crap blade when the crap blade broke I got a second Bf white now with one of those BF whites (not sure which) dead I'm thinking about getting a BF Blue which is very similar to the BF whites. it's a little stiffer and possible more durable but well wait and see I haven't ordered anything yet.

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