Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blind Ref's Bluff

Alright i just got through fencing a meet and i want to explain an aspect of fencing that not many people (outside of actual fencers) appreciate. Fencing referees are absolutely blind and retarded!!! Let me explain what put me over the edge, today i was fencing against this huge kid, think short sumo wrestler wearing white instead of a diaper. his style of fencing involved being insanely slow and moving in a straight line until he runs into the other fencer. CAN YOU SAY CORE DE CORE EVERYONE!!!! for those of you who do not know running into your opponent is what's called a core de core it earns you a yellow card two yellows equals a red and getting a red card gives you opponent a point. this guy knocked my mask half of twice hit me in the gut with his bell dragged his blade across the side of my neck when it went under the bib and otherwise ran into me on at least 7 or 8 occasions, and when i asked him to stop hitting me in the head he replied that it wasn't his fault i was in his way!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the ref did NOT call any of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To put this in perspective for those of you who do not fence imagine a basketball game were you're favorite player is REPEATEDLY, VIOLENTLY, fouled by the other team and despite the fact that the entire audience can see what is going on the ref fails to call even one foul. if every core de core in that bout had been called than i could have won without even hitting his target area. as it was however i lost 4 to 5 and was ready to kill the ref who also couldn't tell the difference between no blade contact and parry repost which cost me another bout.

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