Thursday, January 28, 2010


looking back i realized that although i wanted this to be mostly about science vs. religion and maybe occasionally science vs. ignorance ha ha =^) this is really turning mostly into a dialogue about what a crazy roller coaster fencing, as a sport, can be which come to think of it is a good thing. Not many people out there appreciate that about fencing. ha I mean i have to put up with some dumb ass freshman during metals who cracks a bunch of gay jokes about fencing, and by gay jokes i don't mean that the jokes themselves are gay, i mean that he keeps making retarded comments relating fencing to gay sex. i mean how stupid is this kid. i am seriosly thinking about dumping a bat of molten aluminum down his pants or is that not drastic enough? sorry if that sounds extreme but it really pisses me of that people are so ignorant about one of the worlds most amazing sports. what the hell is the world coming to where one of the oldest and most fast passed sports in the world is almost completely ignored?! is the fact that people don't get beaten to a pulp like in the UFC or Football or Lacrosse that makes us less interesting?! we work just as hard if not harder than any other sport believe me I know i have been on many of them swimming baseball wrestling i tried them all but this is the only sport that i have ever really loved. so take my word for it. fencing is an amazing sport and if you don't treat the fencers nicely they may tie you up and use you to practice there point control, we are very good at hitting small targets and yes guys that is both a threat and an insult.

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