Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blindfold Fencing

I just remembered, hang on, how many posts have i started out like that? never mind not important, anyway i want to tell you about the most hilarious fencing drill ever. it involves two fencers putting on blindfolds and fencing the idea is to improve our ability to picture were we are in reality in our mind. this is useful when it comes to not walking of the strip in the middle of a bout and for knowing where your opponents well everything is just by looking at one part of there body (upper sword arm side of there chest, by watching that area you can generally predict your opponents next action by muscles tensing and un-tensing blindfold fencing you try to do that by the sound of there feet and any blade contact). but the results are most often hilarious and for the fencers a mix of hilarious and frustrating. one of our coaches who is in her freshman year of collage taped some of my teammates practicing this drill and while some of us can almost see the remote (Star Wars reference joke) =^) many of us end up missing by a mile and walking of to the side a lot. it is pretty funny. you can see it on YouTube just do a search on blindfold fencing. look for Tim getting knocked over by Austins older brother. Ha-Ha man that was great. K later all.

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