Thursday, February 4, 2010

Most Amazing TV Show Ever!

Hi I Have been watching "Doctor Who" on Netflix and I must tell you it is the greatest show on TV. Screw "Lost" this is like a million times better and you don't have to watch every episode to know what is going on. Imagine a time traveling version of Sherlock Holmes who is really funny and and who's assistant rather than a field surgeon is a 19, 20 year old girl with a lot of spirit. They travel to the future and the past save the world time and time again from horrors the likes of which mankind has never seen most of which are alien related, but some of them are things like werewolves, Satan, robots with human brains, humans that have turned into gas mask wearing zombies under the power of a ten year old who is mostly brain dead because of nanobots, you know stuff like that. It is absolutely the coolest show ever, check it out sometime. =^D

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