Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fencing Fact: 7

hey this is one i learned from a really funny ref. see fencing ref's yous, um whats the technical term? there not hand signs because they yous their entire arms. never mind they yous the hand signs when they make calls so that the audience, the fencer, and the score keeper (if applicable) know what the call is because after a long day i have seen refs get their lefts and rights mixed up, ha ha. now the fact part of this is that the hand signs (like most of the rules) were written up way back, long before WWII, please keep that in mind, and it turns out the hand sign for commence fencing (the refs just say fence) which by the way is never actually used anymore, is too raise you arm pointing out in front of you above your head. sound familiar? it is the same as the Nazi salute. Please keep in mind that the rules were written before WWII and i have never seen anyone use this hand sign

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