Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice Scatters

hey I'm supposed to be doing physics but my Mom is watching the Olympics which is really distracting and right now they are showing the ice skaters and it just hit me all of a sudden that i have an awful lot of respect for them. i have seen them fall down one second and get right back up the next. no tears, no pouting, no shouting, they just keep going and they do an amazing job of not allowing it to phase them. i have seen fencers who after being scored on three times in a row during a 15 point bout start to fall apart mentally, in a 15 point bout 3 points is not a big deal, but you have guys who will start banging there foil tips on the ground, ect, because they have lost there mental edge. but skaters fall down once doing things that are physically beyond most people, and they are guaranteed too not do well, and yet they get up and go on like nothing ever happened. that never fails to blow me away. Oh and when they do a flawless job i am even more impressed. especially considering the UNIMAGINABLE amount of pressure that is placed on them. so that is why i am going to do my second awards ceremony, and award the girls skating in the Olympics what I'm going to call the Nerves of Steel award! and because i just saw one of the skaters who put on an amazing performance and could easily have earned a medal but fell just a little short. she actually got up gave a huge smile and cheered as loud as the rest of the stadium for the girl from South Korea who won the Gold Medal. so i am also awarding them the good sportsmanship award! all for one and one for all is supposed to be a fencing mentality but again these girls who aren't even on the same team are better at it then many fencers are with their own teammates. ladies you deserve to be referenced by Coach Floyd during his next lecture about team spirit and sportsmanship. you probably wont be since he most likely does not have time to watch TV at all anymore, but still the way you conducted yourselves out their deserves nothing short of praise. Way to be and congratulations too all of you on an amazing performance!

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