Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long day

alright then i have had a very long up and down sort of day. first the good things then the bad.
GOOD LIST: i won 9 out of 12 bouts, i bageld (won with a score of 5 to 0, the phrase relates the whole in the bagel to the whole in the # 0) 4 people, i realized that contrary to my belief that my best frame of mind for fencing was completely focused my best phase of mind is in fact when i am just trying to enjoy the bout. i basically beet one guy using almost nothing but, pasot de sotos, no i do not know if that is the correct spelling, watch the princes bride when the Spanish guy kills the last of those minions in the corridor he does it with a pasot de sotos, then i nailed like four fleshes a flesh is when you jump at and to the side of your opponent try to hit him then continue of the strip they don't work all the time but hey when they do it looks awesome. also i beet NFA's best fencer 5 to 4 i was awarded the last point because he ran into me (Core de core, if you don't know what this is it is thoroughly explained in, Blind Ref's Bluff)that's a yellow but he already had a yellow because his equipment wasn't working which means red card which means i got a point and won YEAH!!!! I'd have liked to have won by actually getting the touch but whatever. and for the first time in memory i actually had no complaints about the refs and with the exception of one of Austins body cords none of the varsity guys equipment failed!!!. final pro for the day is that we got out basically an hour earlier than we had expected.
BAD LIST: we failed to beet NFA, Austin hurt his leg, bad, Tim tripped and landed on his, already, injured wrist, luckily not his sword hand, i epically failed against the two lefty's from NFA even though i usually do well against lefty's, oh now to get to the part i have been dying to talk about, the entire school epically fails, not the fencing team, the school, i got on the loudspeaker and announced to the entire school that we had our one and only home meet today i told them it was an all day thing and that they only needed to stop by for a few minuets but our turnout was still next to 0 we had the principle stop by we had two teachers, not counting my Mom stop by and we had a grand total of 3 students who actually came to see the meet. Tim's GF his GF's friend and this kid named Zack who is friends with Kevin and Kylie. we were fencing for close to 5 hours and yet nobody can find even five minuets on a Saturday i might add to stop by and watch? we weren't even charging admission!!!! and hello long weekend much nobody had better try and convince me that the entire school had to be somewhere or do something on the first day of a long weekend!!! =^( Lazy f'ing bums you could sleep till noon and still see us fence and nobody shows up!!!! oh and i suppose i should give credit to the girls basketball team who watched maybe two or three minuets while they were waiting for the cheerleaders to finish with the auxiliary gym so that they could go to practice. Great show of support everyone in fact even though it was our home meet every other team had more spectators than we did Congratulations you all suck!!! let me think is there anything else i need to yell at you people for? no guess that is the end of the bad stuff.

um anyway i am basically stuck at home for the rest of the day because my mom and brother are in Boston so the rest of my day should be pretty relaxing that's it for now and quite possibly for today.


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