Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Zone: part 4

yeah i know i said it would be my last post for the day, but i changed my mind so get over it!!!!!! besides this will be short, just a cliff note really, the thing i forgot to mention about the zone is that although it is definitely insanely important it wears you out mentally. your mind, especially my super ADD mind, is not meant to be that focused for that long, and by that long i mean the 5 + hours we fence during each meet. so by the time i finish fencing for the day i am usually in a state of almost complete zombification. again this is me personally i cannot speak for the rest of the worlds fencers. even though i seem to be the only fencer who actually voices his opinion for the world.
yours sincerely
p.s. i like signing my posts it is kinda fun

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  1. sorry i couldn't come to your guyses' meet today, i had homework and driving practice and such. glad you guys did well, though :)