Friday, February 19, 2010

Netflix is down and so am I

Netflix has been down for almost an hour now i was going to spend the time between 9 and 10 o'clock watching more Torchwood still can't decide exactly how i feel about that show. anyway instead i had to spend it randomly jumping around the Internet absolutely boring nothing even vaguely interesting, but then i feel really uptight right now the ECC's are tomorrow and contrary to my previous belief they are individuals which means first you have to do a bunch of 5 point bouts to place then it comes down to single elimination 15 point bouts. I'm seriously worried about how well I'm going to do. start of the season i did basically the same thing at the JV invitational and placed in the top 16 out of 80 something guys (they don't give you an exact ranking just top whatever) basically half the top i don't know 36 from then are now varsity, and then there are the ones who were already varsity. I'm going to be going up against the best in the state tomorrow and despite my normally cocky attitude about fencing it has me rattled but not so much because of what i am facing but because today Colin told me next year he intends to take my varsity spot from me!!!! dammit Colin that was exactly what i didn't need to hear at exactly the wrong time!!!! and why the hell do all the JV, Novice think i am next years bottom of the barrel varsity fencer!? first Zack and now Colin. i have beaten Tim in scores i have flat out beaten Austin and most of my bouts against Kevin end with me only trailing by 1 or 2 points! so why am i everyone's prim target!!!!! Gahh just when i was starting to feel secure in my position they all start clambering to take my place and they wont be the only ones. Patrick has to make varsity next year or he wont fence. i wont be able to go one week without facing a challenge next year. it is absolutely insane and it is all aimed at me, AGAIN!!!!!!!

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