Saturday, February 20, 2010

ECC's end results

OK lets see here Kevin placed 2nd out of 36 and Austin placed 4th. let me say this before i start ranting and forget Kevin, Austin you both did fantastic today way to represent!!!! Timmy also had an amazing day he lasted until the third round (i think) anyway his fencing was fantastic today or so i heard didn't actually get to see him fence. sry Timmy. now i did absolutely wretched today i could not for the life of me get into the zone and i lost my first DE (direct elimination) bout 15 to 12 not a bad lose but that was the end of my fencing for the day =^( anyhow i am going to do something new today my own awards ceremony!! first Award goes to Austin for eliciting one of the most violent response from a fencer that i have ever seen his opponent basically slammed his entire blade against the ground starting at the bell and going all the way down the blade to the tip all in one smooth action. next award is a joint award and it goes to Kevin (our Kevin) and Won-He (hope i spelled that right) of NFA it is for the most amazing bout of the day first Kevin was on a role Won-He couldn't even touch him it was i don't know 10 1 or something and then out of nowhere Won-He starts racking up points and Kevin just can't do a thing about it so before you know it the score is Won-He 11 Kevin 10 then Kevin starts doing something different and the score slowly shifts back to his favor final score Kevin 15 Won-He 12 absolutely unbelievable insane and nerve wracking i don't have anything to say except that that was easily the best bout of the day and that they should both be proud. the final award goes to Tim who for reasons i am not entirely clear about or even care about did not fence today but came anyway. so what could i possibly give him an award for you ask? well that would be for sitting in exactly the same place without moving more than a few inches for eh three + hours with his girlfriend. ;^) hahaha

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