Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Point of View

hey everyone resent events and some serious thinking have driven me to a change of stance on the whole varsity thing. after watching Austin and Kevin do so well during the ECC's and after some serious thought about the scores i realized that some of my posts have not been fair. i am the newest varsity fencer and like i said before some people just have a way of fencing that works well against a certain opponent which may well be why i have been able to beet Austin during our bouts at practice or just as likely it is because he has been sick for the past 2 pr 3 weeks. really looking back on everything we (meaning varsity and the team in general) have done recently i really am the weakest link (aside from Timmy (no offense Timmy)) in the varsity squad right now so that is why i am going to dedicate myself to improving for states which are this Saturday i have a goal now to improve as much as is humanly possible in a week. i want to be a proper representative of my school and my skills when we go to states on the 27. i can't stand the thought of being knocked out in the first round again.... i can't let that happen to me again i wasn't myself out there i was nerves and unfocused and stiff as a bored when it came to footwork. i blew it, i know it, and i hate it, and i refuse to screw up like that again! so over the next week i am going to try and make my movements smaller my footwork faster and and my blade work, well better, i need to work on my low line parrys and on parry reposting every attack.

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