Sunday, February 21, 2010

Protecting the Family Jewels

no I am not talking about diamonds rubes or any other kind of precious stone I am talking about male genitalia and the simple steps that can be taken to prevent their causing a person extreme pain. the simple step i am referring to is wearing a cup. now most of my teammates think that cups are too uncomfortable to be worth wearing to practice. now i will not argue that cups are quite literally a pain in the groin, and legs. but in my opinion 2 and 1/2 hours of discomfort beets the hell out of 3 to 5 minuets of agony. and you want something to think about? you get hit in the balls when fencing you are being hit with all the force behind your opponents arm over an area that is less than 1 square centimeter in, one, of your balls. anyone care to calculate what that equals in pounds per square inch? if i can figure that out i will post it later but the force behind your opponents arm will be the tricky part especialy since foils bend (to keep them from going through people). anyway we have one fencer Colin who has been nailed in the balls i don't know once a week for the past three weeks, never put on a cup. actually kinda funny bit here, at ECC's they actually required that the guys wear cups. an entire team didn't own cups so their coach had to run out and buy four cups for his fencers. hahahahahaha =^D ha good times good times, anyway i think i am one of the few fencers that actually wear them on a regular basis. so what you ask is the moral of my story well the moral is that if you spend two and a half hours every day being stabbed by people once in a while you are going to get hit in the balls so do your children and yourself a favor and put on a freaking cup.

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