Monday, February 22, 2010


OK i have been having a bad day or rather i started having a bad day when i got to practice. first i was in a slump then almost at the end of the day i started to get my act together and wouldn't you know it Timmy awards Tim the point even though it was obviously mine, and that is the end of my comeback and my mojo, which immediately started flying out the window again. then as i am venting to Tim he starts gloating about the crappy call! really guys how about a little support for the guy in the slump!? ghaah i was doing really well against Timmy but i was fencing like crap against Kevin & Tim today, Austin was not their today he had a report to finish for English. i am rather discouraged and frustrated and if i don't snap out of it soon i am really going to be in trouble when it comes down to who goes to states. also thanks to a fencer whose identity remains unclear i am developing a huge purple bruise on and around the second knuckle of my right pointer finger. so let me say this, long days do not always turn out right. now i am going to go stave of depression by eating some chocolate later.


  1. is this what you guys were talking about in the bathroom around 4:30? i could hear you guys through the wall as well as in the hallway.

    anyway, i like the wallowing in self-misery and chocolate idea. not so much the self-misery part, but definitely the chocolate part :)

  2. yeah that's what we were yelling about. what were you doing there that late? and yeah choclate works wonders. =^)