Sunday, February 7, 2010


hey everybody it's super bowl Sunday and everyone is pumped including me but for different reasons than everyone else. most people are pumped up for the super bowl but i am pumped up for this upcoming Saturday. that is when we have our next meet it is our only home meet of the season it is also our last meet of the year not our last competition but our last meet. this meet could well decide whether or not our school will get an ECC (eastern Connecticut conference) banner for fencing! this is our second year as a team and if we could win our ECC banner in only our second year that would be fantastic!!!! =^) See we are 5 and 1 this season and Fitch is 6 and 0 if we beet Fitch we apparently are the ECC champions but I'm not really sure how that works because the ECCs are on our schedule to take place like two weeks after this meet so I'm not sure what to think. =^? regardless though our coaches tell us this will be ECC deciding so I am seriously pumped i hope we get a good turn out for the meet. i intend to get an announcement put over the PA Friday but i need to talk to my coaches and the team first hope i get to do it myself either way i haven't been this excited since i beet Austin to defend my Varsity spot.

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