Tuesday, February 9, 2010


hi we are finally seeing snow on a weekday all season long we have been getting snow on Saturdays Sunday and Friday nights all well and good but completely useless for getting out of school which as you all know is what snow is really for. so in short those snow storms were pointless. but now on a Tuesday night we are expecting so much snow at exactly the right times that we got Wednesday off and we new it today the day before!!!!! I am extremely grateful for this because from the time school got out until 8:30 i was unable to start my homework which i have WAY to much of by the way. first i had practice until 5 and then i had dinner which due to slow service kept me otherwise occupied until 6:00 oh and the computer is doing that ever so annoying thing were it starts typing over what you have written so I'm going to add right now instead of were it belongs that i was completely wiped out after practice which means it was a good practice =^). and then my mom ran me back to the high school for a presentation on this website that helps you apply to and find collages which some how lasted until 8:00 when my mom told me we needed to run to the grocery store which we did so basically i was looking at doing more than four dozen equations and making four graphs all for physics while exhausted between 9 and whenever i collapsed. oh did i mention that i actually fell asleep several times during the power point presentation they were giving? No? well i have now. I hate Power point's they were designed to put people to sleep and my mom kept pocking me awake and acting like it was some terrible crime to be unbelievably exhausted =^(. right well lots of shoveling to do tomorrow so night all.

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