Saturday, February 27, 2010

State's the Good the Bad the Goofy and all the combinations thereof

THIS IS A REALLY LONG ONE OK it would take to long to try and group things by good bad and goofy and i would probably forget something go back and realise that the computer was deleting as i typed so instead of that big pain in the but, I'm going chronological (to the best of my memory that is) Now lets see i had to get up at 5 to make it to the high school by 6 to catch the bus. bad i had to get up at 5 good, everything looked amazing all the trees were iced over and glittering. bus ride, good i brought a pillow and was mostly comfortable and even took a short nap, bad Kevin tried to sing again (horrible taste in music and he sounds like a banshee, no offense Kevin) Also Austin had his alarm clock set for the wrong time and missed the bus his Mom had to drive him in. when we got there we were like the second or third school to arrive. good we got the best seats top center of the bleachers bad we had to wait an hour for all the other schools to arrive. now about their gym, it was huge three basketball courts huge. we had a like twenty something strips set up as opposed to the usual 6. bad it was right down the hall from this schools pool so we had a chlorine smell going which i stopped noticing after about an hour and it was pretty dang hot in their too, "well at least when you are in a 1/2inch of cotton and a quarter inch of metal jacket (no not bras bullet casing's smart ones)". now the meet itself, my pool bouts (determine placing) went pretty well i won three and lost two. but then for my first DE (direct elimination) bought i fenced this guy who for the life of me would not fall for any deceives or feints (not going to define because i am tired of explaining terms in this post). which i lost 8, 15. Fail. Austin also lost his first DE bout but it was closer and he was working against a vocal crowd which he feels influenced some of the refs calls. he lost 14 to 15, tough luck Austin. Kevin made it to the second or third round were he was beaten by a guy who had basically the same technique as Kevin except that he was faster then Kevin. that was not a pretty loss i can't remember the score but i remember it was bad. the girls Sarah W.(injured her leg at some point) and Bronwin (hope that is spelled right) made it to the second round but then got knocked out. Kylie lost her first DE bout. now after that we had to stick around until they were done using our strips which because our scoring boxes are so amazing our strips were the last ones to be packed up. in the mean time i paid a visit to the concession stands. i got a new body cord (they brake easy so having a second backup is a good idea) and a roll of blade tape i was going to get a new glove but they didn't have any in my size. oh and i did not get my birthday present, t-shirt. the stupid people who do that never showed up. =^( then we had two massive snowball fights outside between Kevin, Bronwin, Colin, Ben, Zack, Rob, Kylie and myself sometimes ganging up sometimes free for all sometimes team's. i got Kevin in the balls head and arms got Kylie (kept standing still so she made such an easy target) in the but and chest more than once (later complained snow went down her shirt LOL =^) hit a bunch of people in the head, we had some amazing matrix dogging going on all over the place. Zack kept making snowman heads he could barely carry to throw at people, and i had some amazing shots that hit running targets in the back or side from more than a fencing strip distance away. those were great snowball fights =^D !! also i was on a role today with good sex jokes (that's what she said ect ;) as an added bonus their was some kind of swimming event going on there today so between the fencers and the swimmers their were a ton of really attractive girls (do not like saying hot just doesn't sound like me, and i have been told cute is only for describing little kids, i don't agree with that but whatever) and more than half of them were wearing really sleek swimsuits =^J, oh yeah my Mom stopped by with brownie's a little while after i lost my DE, the chocolate did a good job of fixing my bad attitude. and now Kevin and Colin are both hooked on the idea of adding epee fencing to the high school arsenal (right now we only fence foil but several schools do foil and epee) i like the idea and am seriously considering giving it a shot. (oh the major difference between epee and foil is in epee everything is target area) foil is much harder than epee but their bumper sticker is just as funny as ours (Foil fencers do it with finesse, Epee fencers touch all over) ;) the only major complaint i had today was about attendance we only had 4 members of the team who were not fencing actually come. and 17(# of fencers total) -6 (# of competitors)-4(# of non competitors) is 7 fencers MIA only one of whom had a good excuse. the bus ride home was relatively uneventful and all in all it was a great day! =^) my only regret is this signals the end of the season =^( just one more practice on Tuesday and the banquet which i am already looking forward too =^)

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