Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All Around Super Amazing Day!!!

hey you read the title and what could make a fencing nut who's season just ended this happy well i guess i should tell you. Today i got my braces off!!!! =^D came home spent the next 2 hours doing homework that was do today that i was to tired to do yesterday then i went back to school for the last 5 min. of class because my mom said that i had top go to school if i wanted to go to our last practice. so i go in get my pass go to class and within thirty seconds Morgan Ross figures out that i got my braces of (Eagle Eye Award) so then i am out of there run upstairs to get the math homework and hand in what was do. that done i run to fencing for our last practice where we find out the girls finished 7th (as a team not as individuals) and therefore being in the top 8 they are going to Team States!!! =^D this was totally unexpected! now immediately after that coach turns on us guys and starts talking about how we did not do as well. and then he says in this long drawn out way of his that he uses when he messes with us, "They only made 8th place"!!!!!!! =^D our Guys and Girls both qualified for State Teams!!!!!!! =^D so we have another week of practice and this Saturday we are going to Fairfield for state teams!!!! oh and my final ranking from state individuals was 37th place out of 70 some odd fencers!!!!=^D so lets see no more braces, another week of practice, our team is going to states for guys and girls and at state individuals i placed in the upper half. i don't think this day could get any better!!!!!!!! =^D oh and tomorrow i have 4+ hours to sit in the cafeteria do homework and brag about the fencing team too anyone who will listen while the freshman and sophomores are stuck taking CAPT Tests. so tomorrow looks to be a good day as well. =^)

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  1. hi 5 for no more braces! i was kinda wondering why you weren't in precalc, guess this explains it :) (and don't worry, you didn't miss much)