Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fencing Fact: 14

yes i finally came up with a new one and it is actually good! this one i heard from Coach Floyd. the sport fencing,(pretty sure he meant foil fencing but not 100% sure) as apposed to sword fighting, was invented by the upper class back when that actually mattered, meaning castles and whatnot were still being used for there original purpose instead of for attracting tourists.

back then the rich prided themselves on having super clean hands. not just free of dirt but of scars and calluses and everything. (lazy, wimps) anyway so the idea was they only used just as much energy as was required which is why foil fencing became all about finesse.

make the smallest parry required to remove the threat, beet just hard enough to take right of way, find and take the shortest route to the target area. basically make all of your movements as small as humanly possible. so despite the fact that those people were rich, snooty, jerks, i thank them for creating what i consider to be the most amazing sport ever.

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