Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fencing Obama

alright i know i have already done two posts today but this is an emergency post, when i found this i knew i could not wait until tomorrow to post it.

i found the pic on under fencing in this Olympic fencers blog that is somehow on there site without being separate. apparently they went to the white house, did a demo,

and they held a light saber duel with the president which they had no choice but to lose on purpose or run the risk of the secret service thinking it was an assassination attempt!

OK i admit it, i made up that last bit. but come on how could i resist =^D

this could totaly be our recruiting slogan for next year "President Barack Obama likes fencing why don't you? Join the Fencing Team"

or how about this one "Have You Thought about Fencing? NO! Well it's Time for a Change"


  1. Light sabers are awesome. So is fencing. Light sabers + fencing = amazing!

  2. i just thought to check and i was right the presidents footwork is terrible his leed foot should be pointed directly at his oponent