Friday, March 19, 2010

Paper Airplanes

For the past three days in physics this guy Nate something or other has been making paper airplanes out of halls cough drop rappers (man i wish this had a grammar check) and chucking them at the back of my head.

so today when i had been hit and then had captured the enemy plane i waited for just the right moment to deploy. rather than send it straight back into enemy hands or attempt to send it were they could not retrieve it, as i had done in the past, i decided to use this one, which i had observed to fly in an incredible straight line. to vent some of my frustration towards our Physics teacher Mr. pleasure from our frustration/confusion.

i waited until he was standing directly behind and this kid in my class who was helpfully and unknowingly blocking me from view and then aiming just above the kids ear i launched the plain. it flew straight and true, although my aim was slightly low and to they inside. first it grazed the side of the kids head but only just because it continued on to hit my real target professor knucklehead.

as an added bonus paper airplanes are now a major no, no in physics so not only did i get my own bit of satisfaction but i have effectively neutralized the enemy airforce indefinitely

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