Friday, March 19, 2010


yeah well i figured that would get your attention. well here is the scoop i went to that stupid black out dance and regretted almost every second of it at first it was kind of cool lots of hot girls and all.

i ran into Laura and here Friends dodged several hug attacks and screwed around with a glow stick for a while that was interesting. especially when some weirdo started doing something that resembled a seizure standing up right next to me.

so i tried walking away from him and when that didn't work i did what any fencer armed with a glow stick would have done and swung it at the loser but when he didn't take the hint and leave me alone i actually got serious about making my point and hitting the loser.

i got him under his left arm just below the rib cage and I'm willing to bet it wasn't pleasant on the other hand it is nigh on impossible to parry with a glow stick and i am used to only worrying about right of way which allowed the jerk to whip my arm with his glow stick and i now have a huge welt on my arm ending in a patch of broken skin

then i had nothing to do really except walk around and watch people dance i can't tell you how many times i started kicking myself for not just getting out there and dancing but for some reason everyone there thinks dancing means grinding, which just isn't me especially not with some person i barely know.

i can't explain it there is just something in me that kept saying there is something fundamentally wrong with this so i could not relax and ended up walking around like and idiot for 3 hours and now my knees hurt.

so yeah basically i just reminded myself why i hate dances. new rules of thumb if you are going to go to a dance then either bring a date or a wing man, or be one of those people who like grinding.

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