Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Feel Pathetic

last night i staid up till 2:30 playing video games. Why? because I'm an idiot so in order to sleep it of i slept until 1:20 wasting most of what looks like the most beautiful day since last weekend.

which is a switch considering yesterdays weather was in the 40's. its still a little chilly but not to bad.

but the really depressing part for me is that i have basically nothing to do today. i guess i will go for a walk or something but I'm to used to waking up at 5 on Saturdays to go to a fencing meet now i have virtually no reason to go to bed to get up early and that lack of drive is slowly screwing over my sleep schedule not to mention i just don't feel tired at the end of the day anymore.

sry for complaining so much. now i am of to find something interesting to do. maybe i will bring a practice foil with me and go to the (insert name of town i live in) oak and scare the heck out of anybody who pulls in by practicing my foot and blade work in the field. nah somebody would be bound to call the police on me i and don't really need a criminal record

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