Thursday, March 25, 2010

They Other Amazing Blade Break

since my attempt to sound smart by using french epically failed, which considering my grades in french is not all that surprising. i deleted that post and decided to go with this instead.

Back in my first fencing related post i talked about Patrick and his amazing blade break. i also promised to talk about his second amazing blade break later on. so i decided why not now.

Pat's second & third amazing blade breaks happened at our first meet of the season that we just finished. during the course of the meet he broke 2 electric foils in exactly the same place, right below the button which was the first time i ever saw someone brake their blade in that place. but that is just what he did to both his blades even more amazing, one of the buttons was still connected to the rest of the blade by the wire. he is our one in a million blade break man. =^)


  1. Oh, I feel bad now for correcting your French...

  2. dont worry you are not the first person to do so and you certaiunly wont be the last