Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking Back and Ahead is Giveing me Double Vision

Hey, we had our last practice for the season today. just a fun last practice. Zack was supposed to bring in the video he shot of as at States but he forgot. i got to try Epee fencing today and decide that i would not be doing epee fencing next year mostly because i suck at it and i want to focus on my foil fencing. =^) anyway i had a pretty good time today, got tired and lost my edge at the end and ended up losing to Pat (will not let that happen next year Pat)

right, now, about the title starting with looking back. highlights of the year are two categories personnel and team.
Team we CRUSHED NFA at team states this is big because NFA's Coach trained our Coach to fence, so NFA is basically our arch enemy. in a completely friendly competitive way of course. =^) the guys and girls made it to states wear guys took 5th and girls took 8th, Kylie was a trooper and fenced for about a month with broken fingers, Kylie subbed for the girls Varsity saving the day on more than one occasion even though it was her first year of fencing and on at least one of those occasions she had a busted finger.

Austin came back expecting to knock me out of what he thought was his varsity spot only to find that in his absence some things had changed mainly that i was no longer a simpering little substitute. hahaha Kevin despite failing Math was never kicked of the Team and finished the season. in hindsight if we did not have Kevin we would not have maid it to states so all in all i guess it is a good thing.

on the personnel side i have two new rivals that i am about even with Won-He and Cristian and as for the time being i am ahead on wins against both of them. =^) also i made it all the way to state teams were i ended the season on a high note with the final win of the year for our guys and it was against one of my rivals Cristian in the closest bout i have had all year.

looking ahead is even better though, East Lyme the 2nd best team in the State and the best team in the ECC's is graduating it's entire guys varsity team this year which is our biggest threat neutralized. NFA our arch rivals have one good fencer (Won-He) who everyone except Tim has beaten and some of there varsity are (we believe) graduating, Bacon Academy will have Cooper, Crazy good, Cristian, my level, and a guy named Max, who is frankly in over his head, + whoever they manage to recruit for next year. the other teams can't touch us. haha (fencing pun) which means that next year our guys varsity basically own that beautiful ECC banner that we want so very badly. and if the winds blow in our favor we may even take 1st place at States.

so until October when conditioning starts up again i will be, for the most part bored out of my mind! maybe now that i actually have free time again i can work on getting a girl friend like a normal teenager. i have no idea how to make an appropriate emoticon for this. anyone know how to do a slightly embarrassed slightly flirty emoticon?

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