Monday, March 8, 2010

Shout Out

You are probably wondering what this is about right? well it has come to my attention that some guy named Josh H. and a person who refers to his or herself as the Unknown Ninja have been fallowing at least some of my blog posts. how do i know this? well i did a search for my blog on google and the links to my blog came up. =^) kind of a simple trick really but the point is that i wanted to thank you guys for following and advertising my blog.

i couldn't do it on your sights because i don't have accounts on twitter or whatever that other one was so i decided to just make a post out of it. it is good to know that people out there like what i have to say, no offense, Amandachan, EGE, i know you guys read my posts but if i had to guess half the time you are as lost reading my stuff as i get reading the EGE's rocket related posts and i have no doubt that i will soon be utterly confused by your blog too Amandachan seeing as baseball season is starting and the # of player specific everything is going to fly through the roof. oh right like i was saying before thanks for reading. =^)


  1. a few things:
    1. it's "mandachan". just a little side thing :)
    2. i read your stuff, and i understand most of it.
    3. i'm trying to cut down on the player-specific stuff but that alex post was important!

    and you're welcome for reading, 'tis a pleasure :)

  2. hah i must be doing a better job of explaining then i thought

    don't let me influence what you post, talk about what you feel strongly about and you can't go wrong

  3. no, it's ok, david's been on my back for posting about the guys too much anyway. guess he's just jealous ;)

    it's all a work in progress, though. i'm trying to cut it down to mostly the important stuff, like major injuries or whatever.