Friday, March 5, 2010

Preparing for War

OK so it's an exaggeration, deal with it. right now i am icing both my knees because for the past week they have been giving me hell but i iced them yesterday and today they weren't as bad. hm whats that? how am i icing both my knees and typing at the same time well i bagged up ice and tied it to my knees with a pair of my long fencing socks that i found lying around. makes me look incredible stupid but hey it works and leaves my hands free. so what exactly goes into preparing for a big meet you ask well lets see eat carbohydrates drink lots of water, wash your gear Thursday so you have a chance to break it in again on Friday re-tape and test all your blades check body cords find everything you need for the next day put it wear you can find it charge i-pod and cell phone pack cash pack water bottle pack gear double check gear set alarm make sure alarm is not set for PM (Austin Walker this means you) then you have to make sure you have headphones for your i-pod (Kevin and Sarah W.) and since if i want to eat breakfast tomorrow i need to get up at 4:50 ish you have to have everything ready before 8 or 9 o'clock if you want to get enough sleep. OK it is late and you know what i need to keep wrestling with my slow as molasses compooper so that i can get some new songs on my i-pod for tomorrow. so last thoughts we are right now ranked 8th at ECC's but i know we can beet NFA at the very least and Austin is convinced that we can beet this other team that will be there so i think we have decent odds besides if these teams have one great fencer and then two that are ok or decent or terrible we could really go far! =^)

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