Saturday, March 6, 2010


OK just in case you only want the final standings and not the highlights the guys (Kevin Austin and I) finished in 5th place after being destroyed by Grenich, they got first place, and then crushing NFA and Bacon Academy!!!!! 5th in the state!!!!! OK the girls (Sarah D. Kylie, Bronwin) did not do as well they ended in 8th but hey 8th in the state is still more than impressive. =^) No i don't know who they fenced i was busy parry riposting at the time. highlights for the day Sarah W. was absent today because she was rushed to the hospital last night. she is fine, she was having painful muscle spasms in her side but they gave her a muscle relaxant which apparently solved the problem. i got to fence NFA's Won-He for the third time today and won 5-4! =^) i like fencing Won-He he is really good, not at all a sore looser, and always very good mannered when he wins. right now the score between us is two wins me one win him not bad if i do say so myself. i also got my much wanted rematch against Cristian of Bacon, we have also fenced three times and i have also won two of our three bouts one of which i might add was a 15 point bout, i met him the same day i met Won-HE. (JV invitational at the start of the season) now that was one hell of a bout and so close too!! the final score was me 3, Cristian 2. i got my third point in the last 10 sec. then Cristian had 6 sec to try and even the score which would have taken us into overtime. i did a pasot de sotos (Spanish guy from the princes bride does one when he kills the last guard in the hallway) i really like pasot de sotos because, well never mind I'm getting of topic, i will post about them some other time. point is his blade ran the length of my non sword arm without going of and mine passaid to his left under his arm, but it didn't matter that neither of the buzzers went of because by the time we both realized what had happend time had run out! and that was the end of the bout with me up by one! but wait it gets better when i won that bout it gave us enough wins that even if they won all the other bouts we still would win so that was our last bout of the day and of the season!!! that's right, what was without a doubt one of my best bouts all year ended the season and secured for us the fifth place spot!!! OK if i had lost one of the other guys would have finished things up anyway but, i still won the very last bout of the season too take home fifth place for our guys varsity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^D =^D =^D i like fencing Cristian almost if not more than i like fencing Won-He because not only are we almost if not perfectly matched on skill but are stiles are similar too. where as Won-He mostly does a lot of fleshes. (man i need to start doing posts about technical terms so that i don't feel obligated to explain mid post) OK back on topic again the plug for one of my foils bent out during a bout and had to be replaced that cost me 5 bucks aw well. now on a more impressive note one of the girls varsity fencers competing today was an A ranked fencer to put this in perspective Kevin is only D ranked. (ranks are A through E) she was off her game though today because apparently she hurt her leg last week or something but this was good for our girls varsity because thanks to her injury Bronwin was able to beet her!!!!!!!!! Bronwin is good by most girls varsity standards but beating an A ranked fencer even an injured one is an incredible accomplishment and this one was ranked 8th (in either the country or the state i am pretty sure it was the country though because an A ranked girl in Connecticut would probably be the best girl in the State) and Sarah D. was able to get two points on the same girl. well lets see now back on the personnel note side of things Proprintwear, the people who sell t-shirts and bumper stickers and junk, were there today! which means i was finally able to get my "Death Before Dishonor" shirt and i also got a States shirt. this brings my collection of fencing shirts up to five. oh and because of the size of the tournament we were only there until about 1 o'clock which is a record breaker for us with the ride home we were back by 2:30. and get this coach wants me to get back on the PA this week and announce how well we did at states! =^) right, we did not get a trophy, we did not get a plaque, we did not even get a crummy certificate saying guys took fifth place and girls took 8th, but you know how it is. so lets see i wrapped up the season with an amazing win to secure fifth place, we re-asserted the fact that next year we are going to dominate the ECC's and possibly even states (because of all the seniors graduating), i get to go back on the PA, we all got new t-shirts, and we all had some amazing wins, and or bouts today. FENCING RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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