Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Day

hey everyone the TV is finally working with me instead of against me i found monster quest on discovery today thank you discovery, i woke up at 7:30 then again at 9 then again just a few minuets before 11 when i finally got up and made myself blueberry pancakes. my to do list for the day is homework draft something good to put on the announcement boards (a.k.a. big waste of electricity and money in general) for fencing, hall a bunch of stick into the woods behind my house, and hopefully find time to play some video games so i had better get started.

oh yeah and i am finally out of interesting fencing facts, at least for the time being, i may have to start digging into the rule book in order to find anything interesting, sigh i was hoping to never ever read that thing because it is the second largest rule book in the world, third if you count Calvin Ball (if you don't know read Calvin & Hobbes) but bottom line is that it will take me forever to read even just the section on foil guess that's it for today later all.

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