Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Curse you Sean

Sean is my brother and he is also everything i detest well OK he is alright but there are things about him that i detest. for example while i prefer a small group of close friends, my brother is a member of the popular crowd. in fact right now there are at least a dozen of his friends clogging up our front yard for the second time today and he isn't even here! OK so they didn't stay very long after i told them Sean wasn't here but it really pisses me off, i prefer quite, he prefers noise, i prefer fencing, he prefers dirt bikes, i prefer Mythbusters, he prefers Friends, don't get me wrong i like Friends but not the same 25 episodes over and over again for two months.

My brother wouldn't know logic if it bit him in the ass, and here i am reading Sherlock Holmes and every now and then guessing the ending before it happens. when we go fishing my brother can't sit still long enough to put a worm on the hook (of course that's partly because he is to squeamish to do it) but i can just sit for an hour without a bite just relaxing in the sun before i lose my patience and I'm ADD and he isn't.

Oh and did i mention he ends most of our conversations with the sentence "Whatever don't talk to me" and that includes the conversations he starts! man he can be a pain in the ass

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