Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Need to Read This! 3

Wow it has been a while since i posted one of these. hmm oh well, the book this time is Empire by Orson Scot Card. after reading as many of the Enders Game books as i could get my hands on let me tell you very few of them were close to as good as Enders Game the best being well never mind i said it in my last one of these post's the point is that after all those SHADOWS (bad pun i couldn't resist making) of Cards ability this book surprised me by being really, really good.

seriously close to on level with Enders Game. Card does a great job of taking world politics of modern day and twisting them with what ifs. the whole idea is that America is thrown into a revolution, and while the real mastermind behind it all is never revealed or at least certain, a small special ops unit springs into action without orders risking being hung for treason by both sides. they then face the entire country as they fight to defeat the bad guys and avoid being captured by the good guys who for all they know are the bad guys that haven't declared it yet.

my only problem with this book is that the names Card chooses are both unusual and at the same time easy to get mixed up, making the story rather aggravating to follow, especially considering how he goes from one point of view to the next. (really that makes the story more interesting but does nothing to make keeping track of names easier) the ideas Card puts forward are revolutionary, new, and exciting, read the book i promise it will keep you on the edge of your seat just be sure to write down who everyone is as you go along or you will get hopelessly lost.

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