Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupid youtube link

well the YouTube link is mostly functional but it still shows that guy with the guitar, who i am dreadfully sick of looking at, from time to time, and as a down side to coach Ashly's YouTube screen name it is also showing some Inuyasha videos which i can't get rid of.

well i am writing this at 5:43 in the morning and setting it to post itself at 12 by which time i will either be fencing or have finished fencing at the small tournament i am attending with Austin.

hope i don't end up fencing him that would make quite the awkward 2 hour ride back no matter who won. but then again we both fence better in competitions and i have always wanted to fence Austin at his absolute best especially since i haven't fenced him at his best since we fenced for the varsity spot back during the season and i think i caught him of guard back then.

well i guess that's it for now i'll tell you all how it went when i get back. later.

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