Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old Fencers Never Fade, They Just Burn Brighter

tired about sums up my current state. i fenced five pool bouts two of which i won. that got me the # 17 spot out of 28 fencers. which i was pretty happy with considering how good a lot of them were.

so for my first DE bout i had to fence this old guy who placed 16th now when i say old i mean OLD 60 would be a very Conservative estimate he looked more like he was 70! despite that he wasn't half bad,

I've faced worse fencers in varsity bouts and i do mean that, but its not there fault those guys are just new, wait I'm off topic.

OK right like i was saying the old guy was pretty good if i missed and stopped moving he would score so i had to rely on speed, i didn't stop moving the whole bout. aside from being slow the guy was really good final score 15 to 6 the bout was done in just under 3 min, one period. i felt pretty bad about beating the old guy but i was happy to keep fencing.

anyway that's why the title, because that guy really impressed me, you could tell that when he was younger he was really good, and the fact that someone in there 70's is still fencing, and that well was more impressive to me than the C ranked guy i fenced for my second DE bout. hope when I'm that old i can still fence.

the C ranked guy i fenced was insanely good he beet me 15 to 4 in just over 3 min it was all i could do to hold him off that long he almost got the last point before the buzzer. His infighting was unbelievable! every time in almost the exact same spot!still though, i feel like i improved so I'd say it was a good day, after the 2 hour ride home i collapsed on the couch and started watching Aliens on SYFY the cat then came over and plopped down on my chest were she has staid for the past hour or so i spent writing this post.

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