Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you askfred

OK thanks to the website ask fred i was able to get the final standings along with other very interesting info relating to yesterdays tournament.

for starters i recognized the name of the old guy i fenced his name is Dan Marmer and even more interesting, back in 2008 he was an E ranked Fencer! that was just 2 years ago! i am even more impressed with Mr. Marmer now than i was before.

second i found out just were Austin and i finished in yesterdays competition! though i was wrong about the # of fencers yesterday there were actually 29 fencers but i was close. my final standing was 13th place and Austins was 15th. not to shabby for a couple of unranked fencers

finally even though i did not get my rematch against the guy who knocked me out at the ECC's, Josh Parry, "i know great name for a fencer right =^)" i did finish ahead of him so that's good.

this is were the post just starts going on about stuff i found interesting but is basically irrelevant so feel free to stop reading if you want to save time.

also another friend of mine who is a much better fencer than i am, Cooper, had to fence the guy who i only scored 4 points on, for his next DE bout, but before Austin and i left i told Cooper since he is a better fencer than i am he had to get more than 4 points. congratulations Cooper you managed to score 5 points, way to go! Cooper is a D rank fencer.

another interesting thing i found out was that Cam Gebhard, also a D rank, the guy who won the ECCs, beet the snot out of the guy who beet, Cooper and I yesterday. and finally Pepin, really short guy who's style is a lot like our Kevin's, took first place.

congratulations to 3 foilists (foil fencers (not sure if this is a real word or not)) who raised or reaffirmed there rank (the ranks also are listed with the year they earned it)

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