Sunday, March 14, 2010

You Need To Read This! 4

man a whole day without a post, now i know the season is over.

right the book this time is a direct follow up to last time, Hidden Empire by Orson Scott Card. with this one Card has out done himself, picking up the plot three years after the end of the first book Card masterfully weaves a fantastic plot around the arising of a hypothetical new disease.

Card writes out a scenario that anyone can see would be the only logical only intelligent thing for America to do under the crisis. another thing that i picked up on with this book is a recurring theme of Cards, one that i first found in the Enders game books and listed away under the necessary qualitys for a leader.

The recurring theme I'm talking about is that in order for a man or woman to be a good leader they must have empathy so that he or she can understand the people he or she leads, and in order for someone to be a good military leader they must have enough empathy that they can understand their enemy, and because of that predict there enemy's actions, but not to much empathy or they won't be able to do what is required of a soldier and kill the enemy.

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