Friday, March 12, 2010

More Than Slightly Annoyed

OK i spent the last hour trying and fail ling to make a slide show of all the fencing related pics that i have. i did manage to get a YouTube link that actually has video of some of us blindfold fencing, but the bottom two videos are completely irrelevant. and half the time it switches to these four absolutely irrelevant videos and i have no idea why or how it keeps doing that but i wish it would knock it off.

but about the slide show thing apparently you can not just add whatever pics you want you have to go through one of these random sights so i made a flicker account (was really easy since i have yahoo mail and flicker is an off shoot of them) then i get all the relevant pics on it, type in the user name to try and bring up the pics for the slide show, instead i got a bunch of kindergarten level drawings.

i spent another 20 min trying to fix it before i gave up and removed the slide show from the blog. and if the video's continue to be a pain i will most likely remove them to. So now i am more than slightly annoyed and tired. night, or rather almost morning, everyone. =^/

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