Friday, September 24, 2010

Changes in Procedure

at open house yesterday I found out about several changes that will be made in the upcoming fencing season.

1) no more challenges, instead were going to have a tournament where everyone fences everyone and the ones who have the highest score will be varsity then after that JV and if there are enough fencers novice. I don't like this, I think it takes away some of the initiative to stay on your A game and it gives no second chance to people who might not make it from the get go with only four opening on varsity it doesn't seem fair to give people only one chance, on the other hand it will make the team's easier to keep track of.

2) practice is going to run until 6 this year (no objection)

3) Austin, Kevin, and Bronwin will be giving individual lessons to varsity who will then be giving lessons to everyone else. I think it's a good plan. Austin and Kevin are good at picking up on all kinds of details, although I'm not sure about Bronwin but we'll see. Also this will be a good way to improve the skill of our JV teems which are a long way from varsity level. realistically they are on par with most schools varsity but that is a sign of the other schools need to improve not our JV teams skill.

now then starting Monday I'm gonna go to East Lyme for Fencing practice. two reasons first I am determined to be on varsity. I am not interested in the substitute spot or in JV. second and almost as important I want to get an idea of what East Lyme's new varsity squad is going to be like. this is a blank slate for them and by our best estimates that leaves them in some deep $#!+. but I want to be sure, East Lyme has been to much trouble in the past in basically every sport for us to underestimate them now.

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