Monday, September 20, 2010

Cross Roads

I keep running into cross roads lately.

I've been talking with my Uncle who keeps forcing me to challenge my religious beliefs. in a good way, I'm learning a lot about the faith that before I would just try to ignore. answering questions i was afraid to ask but the answers are not what I expected. They don't fill me with anger or rebellion. They are simple but they fit and they don't contradict and it's kinda calming.

I'm reading Fahrenheit 451, which talks about books being replaced by the instant gratification of images and sounds even if those images and sounds are completely lacking in quality. that has me questioning how good manga really are even though many are just comic books for some time now I have asserted that many or at least some are just as good as any novel from the respective genre. Fahrenheit 451 has me questioning the accuracy of that statement.

feels like all I'm doing lately is questioning myself.

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