Thursday, November 11, 2010

Confidential Confessions

that's the name of a manga which just became my favorite book of all time. It's a series which focuses on major issues that apply to modern day teenagers. I've read three story arks so far the first one was about suicide and made me super depressed the second was about teenage prostitution and that one left me with feelings that were a mixture of sadness and hope. the third one was about sexual harassment and it carried me from begging to end on a whirlwind of emotion. you want proof that manga are more than just comic books go to manga fox read "Confidential confessions" volume 2 "Tears" even though it's from a girls POV this is still the most emotionally moving piece of fiction I have ever read.

my English teacher talked about how people are moving toward the instant gratification of images and away from imagination and books. well this manga uses images to make it's message more powerful. that's just it they are not just out there for kids they are amazing literary and artistic masterpieces that should be respected and acknowledged. not condemned as comic books.

are some of them crap? duh but aren't some books crap as well? how many dime store novels with only slightly different fantasy plots revolving around a knight dragon and princess are there in this world? some of the more popular ones are praised like the lord of the rings and Eragon, well the Japanese produced plenty of series with action and plots that are twenty times as original. I dare you to find me a novel about pirates as good as one piece or a fantasy about magic as good as fairy tale, ok hairy potter maybe but fairy tale makes me lough more. most people don't appreciate that. then again most people don't even read. and there I go off on another rant again.

sorry I guess I'm just venting over the fact that manga aren't more widely excepted. but whatever I'm not gonna let any ones opinion change my reading preference.

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