Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dealing with A-holes

Richard (last name omitted for the simple fact that it is my policy not to use last names on my blog) although anyone from my school will know who I'm talking about if I say pickle boy.


Richard decided to make an ASS of himself today (not a task he finds particularly difficult). now on a normal day I don't see or talk to this piece of shit. but today I happened to pass him in the hallway on my way to the cafe. I had my Letterman Jacket draped over my shoulder with the words (school name) Fencing embroidered on the back were facing out. as he passed me in the hallway he asked "hey why is fencing on that jacket?" not understanding why he was asking such a stupid question I replied "because fencing is my sport." his answer was "that's what I mean fencing isn't a sport." he kept right on walking down the hallway so that I had to yell at his back "yes it is you piece of shit!"

WHAT THE HELL! I was just minding my own business and he goes out of his way to piss me off! I don't even really know this guy!

why am I bitching about this here? because If i talked about it on facebook my coach would tell me to ignore stupid people, my aunt's and uncles would tell me to let it go and some people might just say I was making a mountain out of a mole hill while others would just agree the guy is an A-hole. since I just need to vent and not get preached at for venting I decided this belonged here. besides it's related to fencing and it's one of those things I call insanity.

oh completely unrelated but positive note Sarah D. (from now on If I say Sarah it means Sarah D. since Sarah W. quite this year) found another girl for the team so it looks like we are in the clear for now.

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