Friday, December 10, 2010

Doctor Who

finally finished watching Doctor Who season 5, AMAZING!

few problems with the plot. such as, three Daleks come out of nowhere and revive five shiny new Daleks and yet we never found out what happened to the last of the cult of scarrow. or where these three came from and from the way the doctor talked the last of the cult of scarow won't be making another appearance.

the cyber men come back, again out of nowhere, when they should by all rights be gone for good.

the plastic Romans without a living plastic whatever they were called.

oh and one last thought even with a gravity bubble I'm not sure those WWII planes would have been able to fly into outer space. they would need air flow over the wings in order to move forward which given the nature of that bubble might not be possible. David any thoughts?

now we have no idea if those Daleks/cybermen even survived the end of the universe
I think it's time the BBC moved on they have beaten the Daleks and Cyberman to death introduce new villains start fresh if they keep this up they will only disgrace the many awesome episodes that revolved around the Daleks up until now.

I'm willing to cut the BBC some slack since this is the first season that didn't flow well, but they need to get it together,

also I want the Doctor's Daughter to get another guest appearance


  1. The Doctor's Daughter kicked ASS and I want her to come back too!!

    And as for the Daleks, they're CLASSIC Doctor Who villains and they NEVER die! Although, it IS dumb if they don't explain how they survived...

  2. no way it's gotten old, they should just finish the cult of scarrow and call it quits with the Daleks.

    new Doctor, new TARDIS, new Screwdriver, New generations of who fans, I'm sorry but it only follows suit that he should have new enamies, and I really hate to say something only people who dislike the show would say but the Sibermen and those five new Daleks all looked lame it's time to retire them and bring in a non robo looking enemy.

    besides nobody actually knows what happend in the old episodes because Netflix still can't put them in order of release date. damn you Netflix and your only partly doing a job!