Sunday, December 12, 2010

Varsity Invitational

our guys JV placed 9th out of 16 schools at the varsity invitational today. 9th and they were fencing other schools varsity!

oh yeah I should explain today the actual varsity squad sat back and observed too scope out the competition while the JV were getting some experience against other schools varsity squads, this also has the added bonus of not giving the other schools the chance to observe us. they JV did pretty Damn well. I mean 9 out of 16 considering they are JV and were up against varsity really good. in edition we collected a sizable amount of intell on our adversaries and are confident in our ability to utterly destroy almost everyone. seems like the toughest school will be Bacon who we will square of against in our very first meet next Saturday.

oh yeah Kevin had the awesome idea of everyone dressing up and looking real sharp today here is a pick of the coach, varsity squad and Cooper who jumped into the picture, from left to right, yours truly, Austin, Coach Floyd, Kevin, Coopers head, and Tim who didn't bring sunglasses, which makes him a failure.

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