Sunday, December 12, 2010

surprise tommorow

no idea what is in store for us but coach has something up his sleeve for Monday. all he told us is that he wants us in full gear by the time the bell rings, that means electric gear, cups the whole shebang no idea why and I don't have the slightest clue what to expect but there you go that's coach for you.

oh yeah I'm signed up for a tournament on the 2nd of January USFA again no clue how good or bad I'll do but It's gonna be a awesome either way =D

Oh yeah I just have to say this. I don't want to sound cocky but it really feels like we are gonna do this, the ECC's I mean it just feels like everything is falling into place like everything is working in our favor.

last year we had some incidents with the varsity squad not being set and that messing a few things up, then Timmy went into a tail spin and crashed and burned on us fallowed by Kevin going to the junior Olympics (the last is not something I hold a grudge against, it is just a fact)

stuff just kept getting in the way but this year feels right! I think we can really do this! Hell with this years Team we could even take states! Here we go this is the beginning, this is the adrenaline, this is the feeling that makes me stand with my back straight facing all the crap the world can through at me,this is the sensation that makes living the greatest privilege, this is what it's all about, this is what I love, sometimes I swear I could live off nothing but this sensation, man it is ecstasy there is nothing better! nothing! I swear it feels like I could take on the world single handed

so stand back and watch, the real me is about to be set loose on the world, and I swear it feels like there is nothing I can't do!

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