Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Head Hurts

yeah I have an all day headache right now in fact I've had it since yesterday. The problem with headaches is it makes thinking about things much more difficult so after an effort in futility I have given up on my homework and settled on just writing a blog post which is several days over do.

Sunday we had a seminar with Bronwin's coach here at the high school he ran us through a bunch of drills we had never done before but otherwise we learned nothing from this guy. So yeah waste of 6 hours and 25 bucks. If the opportunity to learn from this guy ever comes up again I will definitely pass.

Monday I skipped practice to work on homework. which was a flop because of my headache, and the fact that the imminence of Christmas has made my senioritis even worse. I'm pretty sure I'm skipping practice today as well, if for no other reason then to get home and take some Tylenol.

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