Saturday, January 15, 2011


just been checking my emails and here is the low down. after the various fencing meets held today there are now only 2 teams remaining in the ECC's that are undefeated Ledyard and NFA unfortunately for NFA their winning streak is far weaker then our own. You see today they fenced Bacon and won by only three points. not three bouts, three points. that means that NFA and Bacon had 8 wins apiece and the final outcome had to be determined by the team indicator.

for NFA whose fencers all range at about Christian's level of skill (he is fairly good but his blade work is sloppy which means lots of openings) this is just not going to cut it. if they had that much trouble with Bacon then they won't be able to beet us. we are just on different levels and they won't be able to close that kind of a gap in the remaining time especially when we are all still working so hard to improve, sorry NFA you may have beaten us last year but we had two guys in pain, and instead of Kevin we had Timmy. if you think you stand a chance against the four horseman then your welcome to try. I've been itching for a few close bouts anyway so come at us with everything you've got.

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