Saturday, January 15, 2011

4 & 0

yep the guys are now 4 and 0, it was a bloodbath. the guys varsity squad lost a grand total of 2 bouts over the course of the day both Austins =( he wasn't really on his A game today. in fact he wasn't even on his B game. I'm really not sure what his deal was today.

the girls varsity had a slightly less successful day they are now 3 and 1 which isn't bad.

I ended up refing the novice bouts today which was a long drawn out string of equipment failures and simultaneous remeses. not a lot of fun kinda tedious but not a bad experience to have.

I got two new cuts one on each hand both from New London fencers.

finally the bagel contest has turned in my favor with the score being 5 me, 4 Tim, and everyone else trailing behind me by at least 2.

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