Saturday, January 8, 2011

Violence in Books

this is a quote from Hunters of Dune
"she sprang like a coiled serpent and plunged her fingers into Bellonda's neck, digging her nails through padded folds of skin until she reached the jugular.With a yank she tore out the blood vessel,"

if this were a scene from a movie, that movie would certainly be rated M or at the very least T.

the fact that video games, movies, and tv, come with a rating and books don't says a lot. the question is of all the statements that makes, which speaks the loudest?

is it that we feel peoples imaginations are not vivid enough to create the full impact of scenes like this?

is it that we feel reading is done so rarely by comparison that it cannot have the same effect?

is it that we think only those who are older would read books with scenes like this?

is it that society is prejudiced against the relatively new technology of video game movies and TV?

or is it that we are so lazy that we simply cannot be bothered to check books for sexual references and violence, then based on the context slap a suggested age group on it?

I read Enders Game when I was in 7th grade and then all of the sequels that I could find the fallowing year. in those books are depictions of fights to the death brimming with blood, honor and tactics. I think I was ready to read those books at that point. dose that mean I was ready for the violent video games as well? or dose that mean that I only thought I was ready and that my judgment is still clouded after all these years? they are not easy questions to answer and as far as I know no one is going to

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