Monday, January 25, 2010


Hey devoted nonexistent readers I only started this blog yesterday but I feel that it is kind of false advertising if I don't include something about fencing from the beginning so... I currently fence varsity for my high school and I am pretty good not the best but right now I stand about the third best on the team =^D anyway i thought something interesting and funny would be a good way to get they attention of anyone who fences so I'm going to tell you about my friend Patrick and his one in a million blade break =^) from last year, some other time i will tell you about the one from this year, he and my couch were foil fencing. so they both extend and lunge they clash bells, they both recover than, one Mississippi, Pat's blade falls off from right above the bell guard and hits the floor, two Mississippi, the bell guard falls off, three Mississippi, the screw and pommel fall out the end of his french grip leaving patrick holding a nothing but the french grip, four Mississippi everyone who is watching about five or six people myself includded all burst out laughing and can not stop for almost a minuete talking about it still brings out chuckles all around =^] haha.

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