Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guys Varsity

Let me tell you about our guys varsity (oh we need to fence 2 meets to get our letter only 4 meets this year also fencers can be challenged for there positions on the varsity team by any other fencer, those bouts go to 15 touches) here is the team Kevin Junior year, fenced the first and second meet but will be cut from the team because of his grades he is the current boys captain we are all happy to see him go. He drinks and smokes at least cigarettes and it is common belief that he does some kind of drugs he is generally referred to as an idiot, is a shitty captain and is terrible at setting a good tone with the rest of the team so I say good bye and good riddance he might be good enough for the junior Olympics but I’d just as soon be rid of him luckily I and the rest of the team soon will be. Tim, junior, likes to crack dirty jokes and is one of my best friends, I can’t place it but sometimes he crosses a moral line with his jokes and it just stops being funny for me somehow. He is either almost as good or as good as Kevin hard to say since Kevin dose better than Tim at meets but Tim often beets Kevin. Timmy, senior one of the more mature fencers on the team he is an OK fencer but I am defiantly a better fencer than he is because I beat him all the time. Anyway he is pretty cool and he is realistic after Kevin gets the boot he will probably be maid captain and he deserves it thing is though I am likely to make captain next year but ah well next year right? =^) then there is Austin Walker right now he is in Italy as a foreign exchange student he is actually a pretty good fencer not really sure which of us would be better right now since he isn’t here to fence but the thing about Austin is that he goes through these periods one week he is the best fencer in the group the next he is losing to me Timmy and Patrick, his slumps can last for weeks. Despite that he will probably replace Kevin for varsity once he gets back. Then there is myself I like to think I am a fairly well rounded fencer although I have not yet beet Tim or Kevin. Right now technically there are only four varsity fencers at any one time but the team is subject to change anyone who wants a varsity spot can challenge a varsity fencer for their spot which although it hasn’t happened yet I believe that Patrick, junior, one of my best friends, can beat Timmy out of his varsity spot no sweat because as far as I am concerned the only difference between Patrick and myself as a fencer is temperament he can at times get either angry or discouraged and it screws up his fencing where as I can almost always stay in the zone. despite this Patrick is almost guaranteed to beet Timmy. Right now we have had two meets Kevin Timmy Tim and myself have all earned or re earned our letters Austin who has returned from Italy failed to aust me from the varsity team when i beet him. Now Austin and Patrick will need to fence both of the remaining 2 meets in order to get there letters the competition is going to be fierce and I will explain it better in my next post

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