Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Varsity Insanity

hey if you want to know what the Hell I'm talking about than read my last post which is directly below this one first then check this one out. Today Patrick challenged Timmy for varsity which is good because Timmy is in a slump it is almost a sure fire win for Patrick, it also leaves Austin out in the cold leaving several questions unanswered. Those questions being when if ever the No Play List will come out and remove the bur that is Kevin from our sides as it is he is the least liked fencer but he is also the least likely to be beaten out of his varsity spot so when he is removed from his position who will replace him, will it happen before the challenge and if it does who will be installed to the varsity squad Patrick, or Austin, and if it is Patrick will coach allow Austin to challenge Timmy? Austin cannot challenge Timmy because Patrick beat him to it and he cannot challenge me because he cannot challenge the same person 2 weeks in a row, furthermore Austin cannot hope to beat Tim or Kevin so unless the no Play list comes out this week Austin has no chance of making varsity. But if Kevin gets the boot after the challenge who will coach give the varsity spot too, Austin, or Timmy? And if coach chooses Timmy over Austin then Austin will have to wait until next week for sure but if that happens who will Austin challenge, Patrick to try and get rid of the guy who robbed him of his shot at Varsity you now law of mutual destruction that way neither of them will get there Letter if he wins? Timmy, because he represents Austin’s best shot at getting in even though it will deprive Timmy of fencing his very last high school meet and the only home meet of the year? Or me, the guy who embarrassed him upon his return from Italy by defeating him too defend my spot on the varsity team and effectively winning my letter? Man I have got to say you cannot right this kind of stuff! High school really is a soap opera, ok minus the part where everyone is sleeping with everyone else but still, how the hell dose a sports team get so dramatic!?

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